Wobble-Tee Clever Drop Sprinkler

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Southside Stockfeeds Kilmore proudly stocks the Wobble-Tee Clever Drop Sprinkler. The Clever Drop Sprinkler is flat packed to protect the moving parts during distribution. To get started, simply cut the cable ties, gently flex the base and rotate the sprinkler to upright position and ensure the teeth are correctly engaged as you release the base.

  • Great performance at pressures between 5-50 PSI using pressure regulating discs, covering an area upto 8m in diameter
  • Designed for Australian conditions with even distribution of water
  • Removable filter allows use with a variety of water types - dam, river, town, recycled effluent re-use and grey water
  • Add-on-ability to run more than one sprinkler from the same tap
  • Sprinkler components are manufactured from high grade UV stabilized plastics
Size Of Disc Used 1.25mm disc 1.5mm disc 1.75mm disc 2.0mm disc Without Disc
Watering Diameter 1.5m - 3.0m 2.5m - 4.0m 3.5m - 5.0m 4.5m - 6.0m Effective Up To 8m
Approx. Litres/Min 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.5 6.5