SOLO 11 Litre Garden Sprayer Trolley – 453

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Gardening made easy with the Solo trolley sprayer.

Plant protection for medium-sized and larger private gardens, decorative plants and shrubs.

Plantation and weed control can be achieved using suitable plant protection agents; including Roundup.

  • The large wheels of the SOLO 453 trolley sprayer make it easy to pull along, no lifting, whether moving through a garden or transporting.
  • Yet the use of aluminum for the height-adjustable handle keeps the weight right down.
  • The dry weight is a mere 3.5 kg.
  • Just a few pump strokes are enough to build the necessary pressure inside the 11 l tank.
  • The robust and large handle is big enough to be securely gripped with gloves.
  • The same applies to the handle with soft grip sleeve.
  • A spiral hose provides the necessary reach.

Tank Capacity


Max Spray Pressure Bar




Transport Wheels


Handle Height Adjustment

Yes (locks without need for tools)

Hose Length

2.5(spiral hose)

Spray Wand

40cm Plastic


SOLO Adjustable nozzle