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Prestige Pet Products Cat Sticky Paws 24 Pack (29 x 4.5cm)


Prestige Pet Products Cat Sticky Paws 24 Pack

Sticky Paws are transparent sticky strips that apply directly to carpet, furniture or anywhere cats can scratch. The sticky feel of the strips discourages cats from scratching that area. Easy to apply and remove. Sticky Paws are safe, non-toxic, odourless and won't leave a sticky residue.


  • Humane solution to stop your kitty scratching carpet or furniture
  • Sticky, adhesive strips which feel unpleasant (but not painful) when your cat touches it
  • Can be applied to furniture, carpet, or other surfaces
  • Medical grade adhesive wont harm furniture or your cat
  • Suitable for use on sofas, carpets and curtains
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Pack contains 24 strips per packet, each strip is approximately 5cm x 30cm

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