Polymaster 2,270ltr Rainwater Round Tank RWT2270T

Polymaster 2,270ltr Rainwater Round Tank RWT2270T

This tall 2,270ltr rainwater tank provides a handy supplement to your household’s main water supply for a range of uses such as garden irrigation and laundry. As with all Polymaster rainwater tanks, this certified tank is manufactured with strength in mind.

When you invest in a rainwater tank it’s important that you get one that lasts and is fit for purpose.  Australian standards are put in place to give households, peace of mind when it comes a tanks’ usability.


  • Lifting Lugs: Moulded lugs for easy lifting and tie-down points
  • Ball Valve: Solid brass threaded outlet placed through wall
  • Corrugated Wall: Corrugated wall for strength
  • Overflow: 90mm Overflow fitting

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