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Mitavite Promita 20kg


Mitavite Promita 20kg

promita is a concentrated high protein, low starch balancer to provide higher nutrition values during critical growth phases such as the final trimester of pregnancy & during lactation. promita also provides nutritional support for horses recovering from injury or surgery.

  • Fully Steam Extruded which breaks down proteins & starches to increase digestibility to over 90% in the small intestine.
  • Low Feeding Rate, nutrient rich without the bulk.
  • High levels of Essential Amino Acids support healthy growth & development of muscle. Low 8.4% Starch content suitable for laminitic prone horses.
  • Omega Fatty Acids strengthen the immune system & help reduce inflammation.
  • Additional Energy & Nutrients suitable for horses in heavy training & competition or horses requiring condition.
  • Bonafide, featuring Quinaquanone, a Bioavailable form of Vitamin K1 & K2, proven in trials to increase bone density.
  • No Added Molasses*

*This product is manufactured on the same production line as other Mitavite products and while not included in this formulation traces of soy and molasses may be present.

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