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Ivory Coat Adult Dog Lamb & Brown Rice 18kg


To help reduce the odour of your dog’s stools, we’ve added yucca schidigera extract to this dry dog food, and salmon oil provides essential fatty acids to support healthy skin and a glossy coat. This healthy dog food also includes a natural prebiotic - inulin - to stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria for good gut health.

  • Nutrient-dense wholegrains – brown rice and oats – can help with your dog’s bowel function, and also provide the slow-release energy your dog needs throughout the day.
  • This premium dog food is also packed with some carefully selected natural ingredients, including highly digestible peas, red lentils and beans - which offer fibre and amino acids for overall digestive health.


Feeding Guide
  • Dogs 1kg and 5kg, the recommended daily serving is 30g - 105g
  • Dogs between 5kg and 15kg, the recommended daily serving is 105g - 240g
  • Dogs between 15kg and 25kg, the recommended daily serving is 240g - 355g
  • Dogs between 25kg and 40kg, the recommended daily serving is 355g - 500g
  • Dogs between over 40kg, the recommended daily serving is add 100g per additional 10kg weight 


Lamb meal, brown rice, oats, red lentils and/or field peas, chicken meal, chicken oil, beans, palatant, beet pulp, linseed, salmon oil and/or canola oil, vitamins and minerals, salt, potassium chloride, chicory root inulin, taurine, natural antioxidant, yucca schidigera extract

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