Hygain Balanced 20kg

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Hygain Balanced Horse Pellets 20kg

Hygain Balanced is a pelleted all-round, low dose balancer feed concentrate that provides high levels of Vitamin E and Selenium for cell health, Biotin for hoof and coat health, Chelated Minerals, quality protein and essential amino acids for muscle development.

Soya Bean Meal, Canola Meal, Lupins, (Millrun), Calcium Carbonate, Di Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Salt, HYGAIN® Vitamin and Chelated Mineral Premix, Bio-Available Selenium, Lysine, Methionine, Natural Vitamin E, Prebiotic (MOS), Probiotic (live yeast) and Biotin.

HYGAIN BALANCED horse pellets are formulated as a concentrate and contains quality protein for fertility and reproduction, essential amino acids for muscle building, along with balanced levels of critical macro and micro trace minerals for sound skeletal development and Prebiotics for optimum gut health and immune system defences.

HYGAIN BALANCED horse pellets can be fed on its own when horses do not require additional grain or used to balance home mixed diets or top up premixed feeds when not used to recommended levels

Adjust grain intake according to pregnancy and lactation status, age, breed, growth rate, body condition, work load and pasture/hay availability and quality.

If horses are obese, laminitic or suffering from developmental orthopaedic disease remove grain from the diet and feed HYGAIN BALANCED with chaff and or hay. Seek professional advice.

  1. Introduce HYGAIN BALANCED to your horse’s diet gradually over a 7-14 day period.
  2. Feed by weight and not by volume.
  3. Feed a minimum of 1.5% of your horse’s body weight daily as roughage. Horses have a small stomach, so feed little and often.
  4. Ensure horses have access to clean water.
  5. Do not add additional vitamins or minerals unless directed by a veterinarian or nutritionist.
  6. For dietary recommendations and nutritional solutions contact HYGAIN.

Feeding Rates Per Day based on a mature 500kg horse

*Intended as a guide only, all variables should be taken into consideration.

*Intended as a guide only, all variables should be taken into consideration.

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