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KER Equi-Jewel 20kg


Southside Stockfeeds Kilmore proudly presents KER EQUI-JEWEL 20kg. This researched-proven stabilised rice bran conditioning supplement for horses. Equi-Jewel is a scientifically formulated, high-fat, low-starch and cool-energy conditioner with added vitamin E, selenium and calcium.

Feeding Guide

Equi-Jewel is suitable for all horses from 6 months of age requiring a highly digestible source of fat. Mix the required amount of Equi-Jewel each day in combination with the current feeding program.

  • Feed 250g-500g for a 250kg horse.
  • Feed 250g-1.5kg for a 350kg-500kg horse.
  • Feed 500g-2kg for a 500kg horse.

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