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Carbine Chemicals Instant B 4L


Carbine Chemicals Instant 'B' Dietary Supplement Solution For Horses With Added B Group Vitamins

Instant B is a oral dietary supplement for horses with B group vitamins. Horses cannot store B Group vitamins within their bodies for long periods of time and require a constant daily intake. The requirements are a balance between dietary intake and bodily expenditure, with many factors creating excessive losses. Horses with higher requirements cannot double their food intake to compensate for lack of B group vitamins available in the diet.

With increased consumption of carbohydrates, additional amounts of B Group vitamins including Thiamine may be needed to convert carbohydrates into energy. Pre-mixed or processed feed that contains incompatible components can dramatically reduce the availably of vitamins. 

B Group vitamins quickly deteriorate when expose to unfavourable conditions.

Instant B is isolated for undesirable components and can provide dietary supplementation for all horses with nutritional requirements that might exceed normal requirements due to exercise. 

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