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Carbine Chemical Carb-Iron


Carbine Chemical Carb-Iron Concentrated Organo-Chelated Iron Solution For Horses

Carb iron is a concentrated oral iron supplement for horses. There are many types of Iron available, however, they vary greatly in quality and effectiveness. The Iron obtained from nature is irregular and poorly absorbed, but nature allows for this, as horses living in the wil are not required to maintain high performance nor are they subjected to constant high expenditures. 

Although native Iron is poorly absorbed, requirements are met through free-range consumption of large plant volumes gathered over many kilometers daily, primarily from selected live plants which are short and close to the root system.

The horse in confinement (stabled, traveling, performing) is restricted and cannot consume a large plant turnover daily and tends to eat small concentrated grain feeds that come from the top of the plant, which is furthest from the root system.

Cereal grains are inferior sources of dietary Iron and may be considered poor sources of copper and cobalt.

CARB-IRON is a liquified blend of organically rich biological Iron and is fully pre-formed for reliable uptake whenever required.

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