Barastoc Pig Breeder 20kg


Barastoc Pig Breeder 20kg

Barastoc Pig Breeder is a highly palatable, nutrient-balanced feed specifically formulated for feeding lactating sows, dry sows and boars through the breeding cycle. 

  • Provides lactating sows with the daily nutrients required for optimal milk production, piglet vitality and growth, body condition, re-mating and longevity
  • High energy content with correctly balanced amounts of amino acids for pigs at all stages of the breeding cycle
  • Ingredients carefully selected and processed to provide a highly digestible diet for breeding pigs 
Cereals and their By-Products, Vegetable Protein Meals, Legumes, Fats and Oils, Molasses, Calcium Carbonate, Mono-Di Calcium Phosphate, Salt, Ridley Vitamin and Mineral Premix, Essential Amino Acids, and Enzymes.

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