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Ausmectin Ivermectin Cattle Pour On Drench


Ausmectin Cattle Pour On - Treatment and control of parasites in cattle Available in 250m, 1ltr, 2.5ltr & 5ltr

For the treatment and control of ivermectin sensitive internal and external parasites of cattle

  • Broad-spectrum efficacy against a wide range of internal and external ivermectin sensitive parasites
  • Internal parasites: gastrointestinal roundworms (including inhibited immature Ostertagia ostertagi), lungworms (Dictyocaulus viviparus), eyeworms (Thelazia spp.)
  • External parasites: sucking and biting lice, chorioptic and sarcoptic mange mites, buffalo flies (Haematobia irritans exigua) and cattle ticks (Rhipicephalus [Boophilus] microplus)

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