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Pryde's EasiPerformance 25kg


Complete Nutrition for Equine Performance Athletes

Feeding Guide
  • Introduce into a horse’s ration gradually over 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Feed in conjunction with ample forage (pasture, hay and/or chaff).
  • Make clean, fresh water and salt available at all times. *Use Pryde’s EasiLyte electrolyte replacer during periods when horses are sweating heavily.
  • Adjust the amount fed so it is appropriate for a horse’s body fatness, stage of training and workload, along with the quality and quantity of forage available.
  • Divide feeds into two or more smaller meals if feeding more than 0.5 kg per 100 kg of bodyweight in ‘hard feed’ per day.
  • The feeding rates given here are based on the amount of feed needed to meet a horse’s vitamin and mineral requirements. If you feed below these feeding rates, vitamin and mineral deficiencies will appear in the diet and may affect health and limit performance. To avoid this, simply add one of Pryde’s EasiBalanced Pellets to top up vitamin and mineral intakes.

Extruded Corn, Extruded Barley, Prydes Premium Vitamin & Mineral Pellet, Extruded Full Fat Soybean, Molasses, Extruded Lupins, Black Sunflower Seeds, Canola Oil, Honey, Salt.

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