NorthStar 60ltr ATV 12v Spot Sprayer


Southside Stockfeeds Kilmore proudly stocks the NorthStar 60ltr ATV 12v Spot Sprayer.

NorthStar® Spot Sprayer for treating small areas with precision. Available in 38 litres, 60 litres and 98 litres capacity along with A commercial-grade NorthStar NSQ Series™ sprayer on-demand pump provides faster priming and longer life. 100% continuous duty rating. Honeywell MICRO SWITCHTM for enhanced durability & efficiency.  Sprayers come with a spray gun adjustable nozzle from cone to stream shooting up to 5.7m vertical and 9.1m horizontal (60L & 98L – 38L provides 2.3m vertical and 7.6m horizontal). A 4.5m clear polyvinyl chloride hose makes monitoring chemical flow simple. Large152mm, diameter tank lid for easy filling. Unique pressure switch design slowly cycles the pump for less switch and motor wear.  Santoprene diaphragm and Viton® valves have superior reliability and chemical resistance.

  • 12V NorthStar NSQTM Series on-demand pump
  • Provides faster priming and longer life
  • Spray gun with adjustable nozzle shoots 5.7m vertical and 9.1m horizontal (60L & 98L only)
  • Tank-bottom drain allows for easy draining
  • Components have been tested and approved for use with Roundup agricultural herbicide
  • Proprietary tank design features extra-thick walls and superior chemical and UV resistance
  • Honeywell MICRO SWITCHTM enhances durability and efficiency
  • Tie-down straps for easy mounting


Model Number 38L 60L 98L 200L
Tank Size 38 Litre 60 Litre 98 Litre 200 Litre
Tank design Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged
Pump Flow 3.8 LPM 8.3 LPM 8.3 LPM 5.7 LPM
Max Pressure 40 60 60 150
Pump ports HB QC QC QC
Regulator Optional Optional Optional Optional
Pressure gauge No No No No
Spray Gun Economy Economy Economy Deluxe
Suction strainer 3/8 mushroom 1/2 mushroom 1/2 mushroom 1/2-mushroom
Cap 4” tethered 6” tethered 6” tethered 6” tethered
Hose 3/8” x 11’ 3/8” x 15’ 3/8” x 15’ Deluxe
Hose wrap Tank Tank Tank Tank
Wire harness 8 ft. 8 ft. 8 ft. 8 ft.
Straps No No No No
Agitation No No No No

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