Aristopet Dog 4-10kg Fleas, Heartworm & Worms Spot On Paste 6 Pack

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Southside Stockfeeds Kilmore proudly stocks the Aristopet Dog 4-10kg Fleas, Heartworm & Worms Spot on 6pk. 

  • Stops Fleas Feeding in 3-5 Minutes
  • Prevents Heartworm And Controls Intestinal Worms And Larve
  • Convenient & Easy to Apply
  • Water Resistant Formulation
  • Use Once Per Month

Box Includes:

  • 6 x 1ml Tubes
  • 100g/L Imidacloprid
  • 25g/L Moxidectin
  1. Remove required tube(s) from the package.
  2. Hold tube upright and twist off the cap.
  3. Apply between the shoulder blades. The animal should be standing for easy application. Remove any collar prior to application and replace when product is dry. Part the hair until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze the tube firmly twice to apply the solution directly on the skin. Avoid pet’s eyes or mouth.
  4. Record treatment date and repeat monthly or as required. The product remains efficacious following shampoo treatment, swimming or exposure to rain. If washing animal during use of this product use a soap-free shampoo. Avoid applying the product while the animal is wet.
  5. Occasionally, hair loss may occur at the application site. This is usually a single occurrence and hair will grow back uneventfully