Formulated as a concentrate, HYGAIN GROTORQUE contains quality protein for fertility and reproduction, essential amino acids for muscle building, along with balanced levels of critical macro and micro trace minerals for sound skeletal development and Bio-Mos for optimum gut health.

The pellet in HYGAIN GROTORQUE provides the carrier for the minerals and vitamins ensuring even distribution throughout the feed and preventing separation in the feed bin.

HYGAIN GROTORQUE may be fed with grain such as oats or micronized barley to maintain condition and provide the energy for growth. Care should be taken to match feed intake to dietary requirements particularly with growing horses as excess energy may increase the incidence of developmental orthopedic diseases.

If horses are obese or at risk of a developmental orthopedic disease remove grain from the diet and feed HYGAIN GROTORQUE alone with chaff and/or hay. Seek professional advice.

HYGAIN GROTORQUE should be fed in conjunction with quality pasture, hay and/or chaff.

  1. Introduce HYGAIN GROTORQUE to your horse’s diet gradually over a 7-14 day period.
  2. Feed by weight and not by volume.
  3. Feed a minimum of 1.5% of your horse’s body weight daily as roughage.
  4. Horses have a small stomach, so feed little and often.
  5. Ensure horses have access to clean water.
  6. Do not add additional vitamins or minerals unless directed by a veterinarian or nutritionist.
  7. For dietary recommendations and nutritional solutions contact HYGAIN.