About the webinar

This webinar will be delivered by renowned equine experts Jane and Stuart Myers from Equiculture. On average we spend about 1 hour a day or less, interacting with our horses.

  • What do horses do with the rest of their time and how can we improve their lifestyle?
  • How can these improvements also benefit the owners and their land?

Equiculture (short for equine permaculture) is a holistic horse property management program that promotes sustainable farm and pasture management techniques designed with your horse’s welfare and natural behaviour in mind.

Join us to discuss some simple changes that could vastly improve your horses lifestyle.

This a free introductory webinar for horse owners. A substantial discount for The Equiculture Course is available through participating Councils.


Tuesday 12 October 2021 | 7:30-8:30pm


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Further info:

For further information contact your local Council.